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I attended the recent Blogworld Expo In Las Vegas hoping to learn new things about the web that could help me promote Parkinson's awareness - and I did!

As beneficial as Blogworld was for me, I was ill prepared for the challenging aspects that arose from my physical limitations. It had been so long since I've attended a conference not specifically for people with Parkinson's, that I've come to expect and take for granted the many accommodations made for us.

My first issue was the hotel at which I had booked advance reservations. It was touted as being right next to the convention center, which it was. What they didn’t tell me, however, was that the Expo would be located at the opposite end of that vast convention center,  requiring a 25-minute hike for me. Had I known, I would have stayed at the hotel nearer to the actual expo site.

With no shuttle service available from my hotel, I ended up taking a taxi back and forth twice so I could fit in a quick nap. If I'd walked back to the hotel and then returned to the expo, there would have been no time for me to rest. I also missed the stretching breaks and snacks incorporated into Parkinson's conferences.

I made sure to use the "review sheets" for every session to explain how they could and should help people with disabilities and asked them to add my suggestions to their "lessons learned."

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