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Cooking can be a real pain

sI have always liked to cook, but it is becoming increasingly difficult. After standing at the counter cutting or chopping or stirring the pots for just a little while, my back begins to ache terribly. This has led me to develop some coping strategies for cooking:

  • Cook in large quantities. If I cook enough for 4-5 meals, it means fewer pots and pans to wash and less time cooking. After the first meal, I can reheat later meals in the microwave.
  • Sit as much as possible. I no longer stand to chop or even stir the pots. I drag a kitchen stool to the work area and sit while doing these tasks. This helps eliminate most of my back pain.
  • Purchase pre-cooked foods whenever possible. I live in the desert southwest and both my husband and I love Mexican food. The “big box” stores near me have precooked carne asada meat for sale in the refrigerated section. This is one less thing for me to cook when Mexican food is on the menu!
  • And finally, if my back aches and I’m too tired to wash the pots & pans, I let them soak and wash them in the morning.



sitting while cooking to help avoid backaches

I’m lucky that my husband has never minded eating leftovers (... over and over and over again). He’s simply grateful to have a home cooked meal. (This is a man who after having eaten a particularly bad meal will gently murmur "...that wasn't up to your usual standards...") However, if your family is more critical than mine and objects to leftovers, then you might try cooking a little extra and freezing it. After a couple of weeks pull it out of the freezer! Voila! Dinner without pain or fuss.

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