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by Sheryl Jedlinski

How much do you want to see a cure for Parkinson’s disease in your lifetime? What exactly are you willing to do to help bring it about sooner rather than later?  Test drive the new “Fox Trial Finder” (www.foxtrialfinder.org) to discover and connect with different types of clinical trials in your area that are currently recruiting participants.

Registering  for this new web-based resource takes about five minutes and has no fees or obligations associated with it. Jean and I have already signed up and urge you to do the same. Why?  Anything we can do to speed up the recruitment process, shortens the time it takes to complete trials and for new treatments to become available to PWP.

The trial finder compares participant eligibility requirements to medications you are now or have previously taken, the length of time since your diagnosis, and symptoms you are experiencing.








Jean was surprised to learn that she is eligible for several trials in the "East Valley" near her home -- meaning she wouldn't have to drive across town to get to Barrow or the Mayo Clinic. Some are web-based, allowing people to participate in the comfort of their own homes. I received a list of 13 trials for my consideration.

Even if no matches come up immediately, you can opt to receive email alerts when a new trial begins recruiting individuals who have the characteristics you listed in your personal profile.  

Currently, only 2% of people with Parkinson’s participate in clinical trials. Can you imagine the impact if that number grew to 10%?  Please opt to be part of the solution… not only for ourselves, but for the millions of people living with Parkinson’s today, and for our children and grandchildren who hopefully will never have to know this disease!

Sheryl and Jean


Fox Trial Finder - be part of the solution!

We are available to speak at PD events in your community.  



email us directly at: Sheryl@pdplan4life.com

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