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When adding new activities, don't set yourself up to fail!

My exercise outings have pretty much been close to home. Well, to be perfectly honest, I really don't like going farther from home than my tricycle will take me. It is Sheryl who zooms around her extended community, going from aquatherapy to physical therapy to walking on the moon. Even so, I have long dreamt of having access to a local wellness center geared to people with neurological diseases.

When I learned that Banner Neuro Wellness opened near my home, I hopped into my car to investigate. Caught up in the excitement of visiting the new facility, I signed up for Restorative Yoga, PWR! Moves, dancing, drumming, art classes, flexibility classes and more!

Once I got home, I pulled out the schedule and began plotting my schedule of activities. I immediately ran into problems - I visit my mother on Mondays, could I squeeze in PWR! Moves before her visit? It would only mean driving an extra 25 miles in the opposite direction. I knew I wanted to take Restorative yoga on Wednesday afternoons, and I'll see how I do with Circuit Training afterwards. Thursday mornings are PWR! Dance, and PWR! Moves classes are scheduled most days in the morning. (Whew!)

After a good night's sleep and review of my proposed new exercise schedule, I identified some potential problems. As a person who is slow-moving in the mornings, did I REALLY think I would get up and be ready to take an exercise class BEFORE my visit to Mom? Hmmmm, maybe not… I already have difficulty getting to her house in time for a lunch visit.


jean's first schedule

Since I now am only obligated to go out one day a week to visit my mother, how would I feel with activities scheduled for four or five days per week? Frankly I feel tired just thinking about it!

As much as I do want to participate in everything, I decided that it will be better to start out with PWR! Moves and Restorative Yoga, with a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. In the future, I can add (or remove) activities as my energy and enthusiasm will allow!

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